The Next World

Diana Nucera and Jenny Lee on Technology, Catastrophe Bonds, and Surviving Apocalypse

September 01, 2019 National Economic and Social Rights Initiative Season 1 Episode 6
The Next World
Diana Nucera and Jenny Lee on Technology, Catastrophe Bonds, and Surviving Apocalypse
Show Notes

Surviving the Apocalypse (But Not How You Might Think).

Artist, educator and organizer Diana Nucera and Allied Media Projects executive director Jenny Lee join host Puck Lo to discuss technology, organizing, catastrophe bonds, and how to survive times of crisis and apocalypse.

Diana Nucera, aka Mother Cyborg, is an artist, educator, and community organizer that explores innovative technology with communities most impacted by the digital divide. Her specialty is developing popular education experiences, supported by dynamic documentation that empower communities to use media and technology as visionary tools. In 2009 Diana co-founded the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition (DDJC). In 2014 she founded the Detroit Community Technology Project (DCTP). Through DTCP, Diana's work has expanded community technology in Detroit through the Equitable Internet Initiative, and in New York through the New America Foundation’s RISE: NYC Program. Her latest publications include the Opening Data Zine and the Teaching Community Technology Handbook. Diana's magical, musical alter ego, Mother Cyborg weaves her community organizing and education work into elaborate musical art, installations and performances. Currently, Mother Cyborg is creating on Automata, uncovering the nature of the Artificial Intelligence.

Jenny Lee is the executive director of Allied Media Projects (AMP), where she has worked in various leadership roles since 2006. Over this period she has led the growth and evolution of the organization through facilitative leadership, innovative program design, resource mobilization, and network cultivation. She honed the theory and practice of media-based organizing that is at the core of AMP’s work, and has applied this organizing method to launch transformative initiatives such as the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition and the 12 Recommendations for Detroit Funders. She received her education in visionary organizing from her involvement with the youth leadership organization, founded by James and Grace Lee Boggs, Detroit Summer, and the national feminist collective INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence. She is a mom, a dancer, and a motorcycle rider.

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